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The Vhuthu Culture Model

We collect donations amongst our team members, external organizations and individuals. We leverage the power of Social Media and other platforms to gather donations from as little as R100.00 and pool these together. We identify members of the community that live in abject poverty and donate to them. Donations made are in the form of grocery store vouchers, food parcels and more. We strongly advocate for communities to start vegetable gardens, learning to grow and produce their own food. To this effect, we also donate seeds, equipment and guidance to encourage self sufficiency.
We are not centralized in one city or province, but are made up of a team that is spread throughout the country, this helps us with a holistic view of the dire needs of our communities all over South Africa. Beneficiaries are selected on the basis of need, our members and our community of volunteers will then deliver the donations.


Bank: TymeBank

Branch code: 678910

Account number: 51038798181

"The National Income Dynamics Study - Coronovirus Rapid Mobile Survey (NIDS_CRAM) revealed that during April/May 2021, approximately 2.3 million households reported child hunger, while an Ipsos study found that more than 40% of South Africans of all age groups were affected by hunger." 

How to Become a Volunteer?!

The fight against poverty and the mission to bring hope to our peoples is a collective effort. Our team is made up of nine members that are geographically spread around South Africa, but we cannot reach and make a lasting impact in every corner of the country.

We need volunteers in every homestead, township, college and university in the County. Join our Volunteer program, lend a hand, join the good fight!

Please use the link below to email us your contact details.